Digital Marketing Canvas

The easiest and most flexible digital marketing framework to create, analyze, and optimize your digital marketing campaigns.


What is Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC)

Digital Marketing Canvas is a visual strategic framework that provides a holistic view of a company’s digital marketing strategy. It’s designed to help businesses and professionals visualize their digital strategy on a single page, ensuring all elements of the digital marketing mix are considered.

Explore Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC) building blocks

Tactic symbol in digital marketing canvas

Tactics (How?)

Detailed plans and actions to achieve campaign objectives, driving strategy execution.
ValueProposition symbol in digital marketing canvas

Value Proposition (Where?)

Highlights unique benefits and features compared to competitors, driving purchase decisions.
Channel symbol in digital marketing canvas

Channel (Where?)

The specific digital platforms selected to reach and engage the target audience efficiently and convey the product’s value proposition.
Target Audience symbol in digital marketing canvas

Target Audience

The individuals or groups you want to communicate your value proposition to, encompassing anyone relevant to your marketing efforts.
Customer journey symbol in digital marketing canvas

Customer Journey (When?)

The complete process a customer undergoes, from initial awareness of a product or service to becoming a devoted advocate for the brand.
objective symbol in digital marketing canvas

Objective (what?)

The primary aim guiding a digital marketing strategy, ensuring alignment with broader business goal.
Smart Target symbol in digital marketing canvas

Smart target (how well)

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound goals used to track progress toward the objective
budget symbol in digital marketing canvas

Budget (How much?)

The allocated funds for planning and executing your marketing efforts, covering various expenses like advertising, campaigns, and compliance with legal and industry requirements.
Outcome symbol in digital marketing canvas<br />

Outcome (what happened?)

Evaluation of the campaign’s post-launch results and its overall impact, providing insights into success.
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A three-step process for analyzing or creating a digital marketing campaign

By following these three simple steps, you’ll effectively translate your vision into a structured digital marketing campaign or analyze a currently launched campaign:

Step 01
Step 01


Develop or discover a compelling story, ensuring it aligns with campaign objectives and resonates with the audience.

Step 02
Step 02


Break down the story into the nine blocks of the digital marketing canvas, ensuring alignment with overall goals.

Step 03
Step 03


Translate ‘Block Mapping’ into a concise table, offering a clear overview and simplifying the visualization for effective campaign execution.

Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC) & Business model Canvas

Digital Marketing Canvas (DMC) fits great with the Business Model Canvas (BMC) and can boost the BMC values and market fit.

Friendship between digital marketing canvas and business model canvas

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